Richard C. Ornberg

About ORNBERG.com


I got lucky many years ago when the "world wide web" first evolved to full graphic interface after existing primarily as a text only internet environment.  As I had my own small PR and Marketing firm at the time, I was positioned early to pounce on to the "Ornberg" name as my own personal domain – a privilege I'm sure is irritating to others with the name Ornberg around the country.

(So if you're one of them and not immediate family, then we're probably all old distant

Swedish cousins so, . . . sorry cuz!)


I retired recently and would still like to maintain some online presence, so I'm using this basic site as a vehicle to share various elements of a few both personal and business interests. It provides a server of my own as a base for whatever stuff I'd like to share in digital form. (And OK, it's also a great

tool to help with book sales too!)


It is now, and will continually remain, a work in progress.